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Enchanted Cafe

Enchanted Brunch Set

Enchanted Brunch Set


[Set Promotion!]

Enjoy this Promotional Set of one. You will be given a choice to choose 1 of our brunch + Any Coffee Cold Brews or Hot beverages to complete your breakfast/brunch!

Additional information

Your Brunch

Croissant with Stuffing – Scramble Egg & Cheese, Croissant with Stuffing – Tuna Mayo, Almond Butter on Toast – Sourdough, Avocado Toast – Original, Truffle Mushroom w Scrambled Egg on Toast

Cold Brew Choices

Black Cold Brew, Mocha Cold Brew, Hot Americano, Hot Latte, Enchantress Potion, Strange Tales From The East, Witch's Sleeping Spell, Pixie Dust

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