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Enchanted Cafe

Enchanted Mini Treats Box

Enchanted Mini Treats Box


Unveil the magic of our ‘Enchanted Mini Treats Box’ – a delightful trio of bite-sized indulgences that will enchant your taste buds. This enchanting selection includes heavenly chocolate pralines, our signature cheesecake squares, and macarons. Perfect for savouring solo or sharing with friends, it’s a magical medley of flavours that promises pure delight in every bite.

Consist of: 3 Chocolate Praline, 3 Signature Cheesecakes and 5 Macarons of your choice

Pink – Lychee Rose

Brown – Ovalmatine

Green – Panda Kaya

Purple – Earl Grey


  • Exclusive for this deal: Add on 4 bottled drinks to your gift set

Additional information

Choice of Macarons

Lychee Rose, Ovalmatine, Pandan Kaya, Earl Grey

Add Ons: 4 Cold Brews

Black Cold Brews x 4 (+$20), Chocolate Cold Brews x 4 (+$20), Bandung Cold Brews x 4 (+$20), Strange Tales From The East Cold Brew x 4 (+$20), Witch's Sleeping Spell Cold Brews x 4 (+$20), Peach Tea x 4 (+$20), Mango Tea x 4 (+$20), No

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